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Guidance on how to increase your vertical jump

Jump repeatedly to jump better and higher. Whatever sport you play, an increase in the vertical jump is definitely helpful. Basic games where the vertical leap is desired include basketball, volleyball, pole vault, high jumps, hurdling, badminton, and the list just goes on and on. If you are not an athlete or an active sportsman; improvement in vertical jump will provide you overall flexibility, agility, and fitness. So there are only positives in learning how to increase your vertical jump.

Exercise harder, jump higher

Jumping is a physical activity which involves your calves, leg muscles, and core strength. To strengthen these parts one needs to exercise appropriately and work harder. There is no substitute for hard work.  Knowledge of right exercises is most imperative and we shall conclude them.

  • Box Jumps

A box of 6-8 inches for the beginners is an excellent way to increase your jumping ability. Jump to the box, jumps over the box, depth jump and box jump with weights are the variations to use exercise box efficiently. Repetition of the jumps can be increased slowly and landing on flat feet is crucial to avoid hamstrings or other minor injuries.

  • Jumping over obstacles

This beneficial exercise can be done with a rope tied on a certain height. Jumping over them and then gradually increasing their heights is a good practice. Obstacles can be any object even the park benches can be your marker.

  • Bulgarian Split Squats

Sets and reps can depend on your physical capability and can be increased with time. This activity strengthens the legs and improves balance. A set bench and dumbbells are required to perform these squats.

  • Calf raiseslet

No need for equipment and assists to increase vertical jump. Anything in a high place is needed and one can perform calf raises. This action makes the legs powerful and provides strength in the lower leg to excel in jumps.

  • High Rep Squats

Helps to boost vertical jumps, build muscles and reduces body weight. This exercise should be added on a routine basis as it helps to lose calories and increasing body stamina.

  • Knee to feet Jumps

Provides extra lower body power and increases jumping power. It is part of plyometric exercises that are practiced worldwide by athletes and players of maximum sports.

  • Overhead lunges and Leg squats

Overhead lunges and Single leg squat both aides in building the gluteus, hips, calves, abdominal section by implying pressures on the lower back.

Rope jumping is also a great way to better jumps. The above-mentioned exercises if done properly will improve jumping capability. Moreover, videos and training programs are accessible online to guide on how to increase vertical jump to dunk. So start jumping.