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Guests will follow the rules of each and every attraction

The driving and the reservations for the toddler takeover are specified at the end time. The retail rates are provided to the public during the time of toddler takeover. You can feel free to ask us if you require any information about the groups and special events at trampoline parks. If you are familiar with all the rules of the activities before the participation then you can participate in a better way. The legal guardian or parent will take the responsibility to complete the waiver for the minors. The safety monitors are useful to find out whether the guests are following the rules of each and every attraction. You can participate in any of our attractions if you have completed a valid waiver. The validity of the waiver can be found from the original date of issue. The safety monitor is required if the participant wants to climb on the rock walls.

Time for your activity:

The safety monitor is definitely required if you want to jump on the trampolines. There are different types of activities if you want to participate in any of the events. The company will not take any responsibility for the lost or stolen items at trampoline parks. The other staff at our company will allow the participants to follow the rules or other directions if there is any loss of privileges. The participants should keep in mind that the waiver is a legal document. It is always better to complete a waiver online before you visit for participating in any activity. You will not be allowed to carry the alcohol inside the park. You can make sure that you will have time for your actions if the reservation is done. The bookings for any activity should be done before your arrival because the reservations are required.

Purchase the branded products:

If you already know the time for your booked activity them we will recommend you to arrive in advance. We will not provide a refund for the jump times or for the other activities which you have booked. The company will not provide a guarantee for the walk-ins during the time of the activities. All the sales which are conducted at our company are regarded to be final. You should purchase the branded products if you want to enhance your grip while performing in any activity. The parents must make sure to accompany the kids during the time of the visit. The services cannot be accessed by the younger kids during the normal operating hours. The toddler takes over is offered for the children below the age of 5 years on some special days. The kids will have access to certain areas based on the occupancy for the safety reasons.