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Are Thoroughbred Horses the Best Kind of Riding Horses?

Along with some dogs, a thoroughbred horse breed is one of the most highly valued breeds around the world. Thoroughbreds are especially favoured for their remarkable skill seen on any racetrack, however, they are also put to good use for a range of other equestrian occasions.

A lot of the horses that you will see competing at the Olympic level are at least part thoroughbred, and these beautiful horses are also ridden in things such as eventing, show jumping, dressage, and various other equestrian contests.

  • The smaller type of thoroughbreds has always been in big demand as polo ponies.
  • But, for the likes of casual and trail riding, thoroughbred are generally not considered the first choice.


The origins of the thoroughbred can be traced back in time to 17th century England, where three Arabian stallions were mixed with English mares to bring forth an entirely new breed of horse.

  • All of today’s thoroughbreds amazingly happen to carry the bloodline of the Godolphin Arabian, the Byerly Turk, or the Darley Arabian.

From the combination of this stock with the strong and sturdy English horses, came forth a breed which excelled at being competitive, fiery, powerful, and big hearted in any type of contest.

Riding Horses

But Not For All Riders

The specific features thatgive a thoroughbred,its value on a track are not something which is wished for by every rider. The horses do indeed have somewhat of a reputation for being difficult to handle, which means that theyreally shouldn’t be sat upon by any novice or very young riders.

Thoroughbreds also need plenty of work, due to them becoming impatient and bored if they are not taken out and exercised.

  • Their long legs are also well known to be easily damaged, and is the reason why so many owners like to keep their horses stabled if they aren’t being given a workout.
  • This equals a lot more time spent working the horse on the part of any owner.

Matters of Endurance, Speed and Colour

Thoroughbreds themselves are not bred for an extendedendurance, making them not so suitable for things like trail riding and endurance riding, of which more can be found out at

  • The initial focus for the breeding of thoroughbred horses is to create racehorses which are raised for their speed and agility.
  • With their long necks, powerful,muscular hindquarters, long legs, and unmistakably planed faces, they stand out and are easy to spot.
  • They can be seen in a range of different colours with chestnuts being amongst the most common.

Excellence and Loyalty

Should you be seeking a high quality competition horse that will heartily take on any challenge you introduce, the thoroughbred would indeed be well worth your time in considering.

These types of horses excel in a lot of competitions, and as any owner can tell you, they will bond closely with you as a rider and become truly loyal.