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5 Reasons Why you Should Take Up Cycling

Fitness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle are all buzzwords we are familiar with in the modern society we live in, and if you want to have all 3 in a single activity, cycling could be the answer. The health benefits are clear to see, and the pleasure one gets from travelling along country lanes and absorbing the beauty of nature, gives one a sense of well-being. If you have never considered getting on your bike, here are just a few reasons why it has become so popular in the UK.

  1. All Round Exercise – Cycling works all the major muscle groups and you also get a good cardio workout, and with the ability to control the amount of energy you use, it is perfect for every age group. There are those who take it quite seriously, and don their cycling jersey and shorts to ride 40 or 50 miles! Then there are families that like to ride slowly through country regions, admiring the wonders of nature as they go, and with cycling clubs, you can meet lots of likeminded people.
  1. Weight Loss – Losing a few pounds is on many people’s agenda, and aside from watching what you eat, you can really burn off the calories with a brisk 10-mile bike ride. Exercise is as important as diet if you want to lose weight, and with cycling, you are effectively raising your metabolic rate and therefore your body will consume more calories, which are stored in the body as fat cells.
  1. The Competitive Edge – Many people begin to cycle for health reasons, but after a while, they really get into the competitive aspect, perhaps racing against friends or colleagues, and if you do want to get into cycling as a sport, you would need to buy a lot of clothing, such as a cycling jersey or two, suitable shorts, decent shoes, and of course, a helmet.
  1. Eco-Friendly Lifestyle – We all would like to reduce our energy consumption, and riding your bike to work is a great way of becoming more eco-friendly. It might take you a little longer, and you would have to take your working clothes in a bag, but the benefits make cycling to work an attractive alternative to the car.
  1. A Great Family Activity – If you are looking for ways for the family to spend more time together, look no further than cycling. If everyone has a suitable bicycle, you can plan day trips for the weekends, and if you have a roof rack on the car, you can drive to a country area, park up the car and set off to explore the countryside. There are cycling clubs that arrange special tours, some lasting for a few days, and with many other families also enjoying riding, you and your children will make new friends.

The British people have really embraced cycling over the past decade, and with cycle lanes everywhere and more driver awareness of cyclists, bike riding is a great activity for all ages.