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Why You Should Try Downloading Sims 4 Outside The App Store

Mobile games are these games that are made to be played with your smartphone or tablet. These games were designed in order to be properly played in the mobile device. Because mobile devices are becoming better every release, regardless of the brand. It became more capable of doing a lot of things and the reliability of the devices becomes more significant. Its a big leap from a mobile phone of the early days that can only receive calls and nothing more.

If you play mobile gamers, there are two types to choose from, the apps that are in apps stores and the apps that are not in those app stores. There is this big misconception about apps that are not in the app store, that these apps are like “dark web” stuff that shouldn’t be accessed by anyone. There are many reasons why there are apps that are not in the app store, but dismissing them as dangerous is pure rubbish.

There are gems: You should know that not all games that are not present in the app store are bad or dangerous. They are not, in fact, there are many apps that are good and can actually help make your life easier that can’t be in the app store due to various laws that deemed it not suitable to be featured in the app store. The common ones are copyright concerns. Like a PC game tweaked to become a mobile game and the one doing it aren’t the official game developers themselves.


Take Sims 4 for example: The Sims 4 game is a very popular PC game and has been designed by their game developer to be a PC game. But there are 3rd party game developers that tweaked the game to the point that it became a game that can be played in your mobile device. Now, tweaking a game for mobile use isn’t that simple because the interface and a few things about the game functions need to be tweaked and be tailored to your phone activity, like tapping, pinching to zoom,on-screen buttons and so on. But one thing is certain, the tweak works and the sims 4 android and sims 4 ios is available now for download.

Its free: The best thing about these tweaked games like sims 4 mobile is that its free! You just need to have the balls to download the sims 4 apk and play the game. There are two things that people think about that often gets the best of them, when they try downloading 3rd party apps outside the apps store. Its not safe and its complicated. Usually, most people never got past that, but if your interested in playing the sims 4 in mobile is strong, then there’s no reason why you should try it.

  • The sims 4 on phone is safe in a sense that you’re downloading it in a trusted website. The only reason why most people are at risk is because they often download games in untrusted sources.
  • Its easy, the steps in downloading apps outside the apps store isn’t actually that complicated. How easy? Below are the steps:
  • Download the file
  • Install it
  • Launch it
  • Load it
  • Complete the verification process
  • Reload the game
  • Play it!

Sims 4 is a very interesting game, its not for everybody, but if you love the simulation game concept, the Sims franchise is the best from all the rest. The only thing that people are bummed about is that the game is not available in mobile. That is why when some people found out that there were some tech guys that figured out how to put the Sims 4 in mobile, people were looking for it straight away and they weren’t disappointed. If you love the Sims franchise particularly Sims 4, you should definitely try it out, visit for more details.