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Why did Kimi Raikkonen recently receive a 10-second penalty?

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Kimi Raikkonen was handed a 10-second penalty after being punished for an incident involving Lewis Hamilton on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. Hamilton spun off the racetrack and resumed the race, only to come last. Raikkonen said he locked his wheel while braking and pointed out that accidents can happen during the initial lap of a race.

Criticism may have led to harsher punishment

Stewards stated that Hamilton, who lost pace following the contact, had left a significant amount of room on the inside for Raikkonen and that the Finnish driver locked his front tyre, understeered his vehicle and caused the crash. Speaking following the race, Raikkonen admitted that he deserved the punishment; however, the criticism that ensued following Sebastian Vettel’s penalty at the French Grand Prix is believed by many critics to have played a role in the imposition of a harsher punishment on Raikkonen for this unfortunate error.

After the race, Hamilton said it was ‘dumb’ to imply that Raikkonen might have deliberately ploughed into him. Hamilton spoke about ‘interesting tactics’ after Raikkonen hit him. The incident occurred two weeks after Ferrari’s Vettel was dealt a five-second penalty for a corner crash with Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas.

Apology on Instagram

Hamilton took to Instagram, writing: “Kimi said sorry and we move on. It was a racing incident and nothing more. Sometimes we say dumb things and we learn from it.”

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