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What are the various escape rooms available to enjoy spending?

Live escape room is the adventurous filled game environment. This game is played in different theme with more thrilling experience. To have fun and entertainment within the time period along with your friends or family, live escape game is the fine choice. In Florida, there are many escape room games around the city. Every room has different theme and adventure. You will have different experience with each game room. In Florida escape game, there are seven different rooms. Each has a set of rules to play. They are

  • Merlin’s Wizarding Academy – In this game 2 to 7 players are allowed to enter the room for playing. Totally 60 minutes will be given, where players has to find the keys and get out from the adventure. It is like a castle where every player needs to find themselves from the secret chamber.
  • Haunted Pirate Shipwreck – This room game is played for 60 mins, where the number of player allowed to play is 2 to 7 members. This is a game of treasure hunt. Here the location of shipwrecks is hunted to get the golden age of piracy. As each treasure is hidden and guarded with a pirate. This is totally a thrilling game.

escape rooms florida

  • Operation saving Hollywood- This is based on the detective theme. It is played for around 60 minutes. Around 2 to 8 players are allowed to play this game. To grave the danger, your team needs to work on swift.
  • Vikings: Valhalla – The age of axe – This is an older age of axe theme based game. This game will have 2 to 8 players. Players are allowed to survive for 60 minutes into the room. Within the time, players need to hunt for the treasure of axe. This is also a thrilling based game.
  • Vampires: The time has come – This game is a theme filled with ghost environment. Here 2 to 8 players are allowed to play the game within 60 minutes time. This game is totally exciting and scaring adventure.
  • Lab: I am legend- It is a la based atmosphere game. Here 2 to 7 players are allowed to enter the room. Every player need to solve the puzzle of lab related queries within 60 minutes. To enjoy this adventure in escape rooms florida, book your room faster.
  • Virtual reality attraction – If you are alone and want to play the game in escape, then you can enjoy this game. This will help you virtually enter and experience few games through 18 VR films in 2 minutes.

Each time you visit the escape rooms Florida, you can feel the thrill and adventures. With the various adventures, enjoy playing the game and get relief from the stress.