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Free electronic games

A video game is a game played through electronic devices. But now there are innumerable games available in different genres. One can play games online or by downloading into their devices for free or buy them. Different websites offer gratis spiele (free games) to play online or to download and play. Video games usesuser interface for the display and input device is the must. These are categorised as casual games, educating games, serious games.

gratis spiele

Various genre of games

Various genres of video games are like racing games, fighting games, platform games, shooting games, action games, adventure games, sports games, simulations, puzzles etc. Top suggested downloads of action games include Grand theft auto: vice city, Fortnite, X-men, Hitman, Half –life, call of duty and many more. Top shooter games include Battle field, counter strike, halo games, hitman games, Call of duty, project IGI and more. Racing games are like Need for speed, Euro truck simulator, fast and furious showdown, etc. free video games are also available in sports categories where original sports like cricket, table tennis, basketball, FIFA games are also designed and developed as video games. Casino games are offered for free like Poker, roulette, Black jack etc. Different sitesare offering downloads for free games in packages like 100 or 1000 or more to download at once just by one click.While hidden object games are linked to social media.

All the mentioned are different categories of video games developed and classified based on the game play. Be it video games or gambling games, gratis spiele are mostly online. One can download most of the games for free into the system and need to install it while some require to pay for the game to own by oneself for the game play. Whereas gambling and betting games are different. Even though they are offered to play for free online by many gaming sites, one need to register themselves into the site. Most of the games require internet connection for the racing or adventurous or fighting genres to compete with friends and others in the game and compare their positions. For games other than mentioned genres, internet connection is necessary to load game and enable certain features. Some of the most popular free games are, Planet side, need for speed, Assassins creed, call of duty, battle field, farming simulator 17 and many more.