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A kick start off to the game for becoming millionaire

A dream of being a millionaire is one of the most difficult things to be achieved. Nothing in this world can be achieved easily. Everything needs a hard work and endurance. Somewhere down the line if a person is well enough with knowledge, still he gets no chances and thus be last in the line of money making people. But in real he can be the first in the line of intelligent people. So all these end up in supporting the statement Money cannot always be in the hands of knowledgeable people. Who want to be a millionaire is one of those few shows which supports, encourages and motivates people by giving them a chance to explore the set of knowledge they have along with the money. It is a game that is played by answering the questions.

About the Game – How to get started

The game has been tremendously famous. It was made hosted by many popular celebrities in different languages. The game has gone viral to the extent that many versions of it have been released. The joy of getting money through the use of what we have is something that makes this game so special. «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?» can really make people a millionaire. To get started, one can have a mock game of this as there are many online versions which are absolutely free. There you will be enforced to conquer the reality by paying the game with virtual money. One needs to have basic things in all areas and in every walk of life. One cannot expect the questions that are going to come. It’s not about an overnight preparation. It is about the evolution of your mind. The game has 15 questions. For each question there is money associated with it. The question and the money ascend from basic simple level and $100 to the most complex and $1000000 respectively. In this hierarchy you will have three main stops at every 5th question. Once you reach 5th question and answer it correctly then only you will earn money. If the answer to 5thquestion is wrong then your kitty will be nil irrespective of whether you have answered 4 or 3 or 2 or 1.  So all the luck you got for answerable questions up to 4 will go in vain when not done with 5. Then when you go on answering 6th , 7th and son up to 10th then you will have a crucial stage where in case if you get  at 10th one when is the second main stop then you have to compulsorily nail it otherwise you will fall back to first main stop.

Being knowledgeable is one fact. Beside that one need to be extremely sensible and careful in making decisions as it takes a lot to reach a point. But it takes a second to come down to the lowest. So controlling the greediness and playing with what you have is the ultimate strategy. Happy and content feeing is better than regretting.