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4 Ways to Obtain Gold in Clash Royale

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Gold is an important currency in Clash Royale because it enables you to do a lot of things. When you start playing the game, you only have a small amount of gold. If you want more gold, you will have to obtain them by using the free or paid way. You must be a smart player in order to accumulate a large amount of gold for free. The following are 4 ways on how to obtain gold in the

Clash Royale game.

  1. Opening Chest

The easiest way to procure gold in Clash Royale is by opening chests. There are 2 main types of chests you can open including free chest and clan chest. Every time you play a battle, you have the opportunity to open a chest. Therefore, if you want to open a lot of chests, you must be prepared to take part in a lot of battles.

It will take some time to win a battle. Some battles can take as long as 12 hours to win. Easier battles can be won in just 3 hours. The amount of gold you can get for opening a chest depends on the quality. Opening 4 chests in a day allows you to earn 320 gold.

  1. Donate Cards

In level 3, you can join an active clan. By joining a clan, you can send cards to the members and receive free gold in return.  The amount of gold you get depends on the type of card you donate. Donating a common card can get you 5 gold. If you donate a Rare card, you will receive 50 gold.

For every Epic card that you donate, you will receive 500 gold. The person who receive your card don’t have to pay you the gold. Sometimes, the clan mates will also send you valuable cards in exchange for your cards. If you are not in a clan, you can still donate cards that you don’t use in exchange for coins. The maximum number of gold you can get is 42,600 gold every month. The 42,600 gold can be exchanged for 1 legendary card.

  1. Take Part in Grand Challenge/Tournament

Apart from that, you can also participate in challenges and tournaments to earn gold. If you win in a grand challenge, you will be awarded with hundreds of cards and gold.  In victory challenge chest, the price increases every time you win a challenge. You will also find gold in a custom tournament chest. The amount of gold in a custom tournament chest is usually 7 times more than the number of cards you found inside.

  1. Purchase Gold with Real Money

If you are lazy to look for gold in the game, you can purchase it from the Shop with real money. The shop does not sell gold. You must first purchase the gems. With the gems, you can buy the amount of gold you want in the game.  The gems will show up on your game account once you have purchased them from the shop. The more gems you pay, the more gold you get per dollar. For example, you can use 60 gems to purchase 1,000 coins. However, if you are willing to spend 4,500 gems, you can get 100,000 coins. As you can see, it saves you 1,500 gems.